The hotel has 5 conference rooms of different sizes and various advanced conference facilities such as projection and audio. It is an ideal place for holding large, medium and small conferences. On the north side of the hotel's annex, Qian'an Jinjiang Hall can hold thousands of people at a meeting or performance.

  Qian'an Hall, Royal Park Ballroom, Steel City restaurant restaurant decoration luxurious, elegant, distinctive, the main high-end banquet feast, Jingdong boutique, North and South Lake fresh seafood, Jingdong local specialties. Morning, afternoon and evening all day on the guest business.

  Fairview Sichuan Restaurant Main authentic Sichuan cuisine, chefs all from Chongqing (Yu faction), Chengdu (Chengdu faction), Zigong (salt to help), raw materials collected from Sichuan local, you will not have to go to Sichuan to taste "a dish , A hundred dishes "and the new style of Sichuan cuisine (on the River to help vegetables, small river to help dishes, under the river to help dishes).

  Valentisi Cafe , Mingshi Lang , Cha Cha blind blind tea room design unique, modern style and stylish decoration, both imposing grand dignified, but also filled with avant-garde and romantic style is your drinking tea, Great place to chat and relax. Crystal Palace (bath, sauna) fitness facilities, with bath, sauna, fitness, chess, beauty and other services. Here you can be completely relaxed.

Royal Park Ballroom
Steel City restaurant
Fairview Sichuan House
Royal Park Ballroom

Royal Park Ballroom: Located on the west side of the second floor of the main building, mainly Shandong cuisine, local cuisine and Hunan cuisine, with a maximum of 24 tables for group meals. It is the first choice for elegant weddings.


Steel City restaurant

Gangcheng Food: The restaurant is located on the west side of the 1st floor of the main building. It is mainly engaged in Jingdong local cuisine and holds 35 tables for group meals. It is a good place to hold large-scale banquets.

Fairview Sichuan House

Fairview Sichuan House: Located on the east side of the main building on the first floor, Main Sichuan cuisine. Has 8 private rooms, the lobby can accommodate 10 tables.


Jinjiang Hall (East with floor)

Jinjiang Hall can accommodate 928 people meeting, 661 seats on the first floor, 267 seats on the second floor. Meeting 8000 yuan / field / four hours, performance 12,000 yuan / field / four hours. Cloth court press market rent half price charges.


One multi-purpose hall (West with floor)

Multi-function Hall 1: Located on the first floor of the West Building, the main Jingdong local cuisine, can receive 360 people meeting, but also receive 24 tables of luxury banquet.


Meeting room 2 (West with floor)

Meeting Room 2 accommodates up to 50 people and has an area of 100 square meters


Conference Room 5 (West with floor)

Conference Room 5 can accommodate 50 people and is located on the first floor of the East Annex Building, 800 yuan /4 hours.


Multi-function Hall 6 (12th Floor, Main Building)

The multi-function hall on the 6th can hold private parties, business banquets and small conferences. Meeting 200 yuan/hour.

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